Working with various clients in bingo clubs since 2003 is akin to a time-served apprenticeship in leisure destination design. Great skill is required to execute designs in very large multi-functional spaces which by nature eat up budgets at an alarming rate simply due to scale.

At Fisch we are adept at taking a brief and eking the most out of available budgets and space, and delivering venues that both function properly and look stunning in equal measures.

Our practical expertise and experience come to the fore on these kind of projects which combine bars, dining, arcades, toilets, staff areas and, of course, auditoriums for the main event.

Increasingly new concepts and technology mean bingo as a past-time is constantly being reinvented to appeal to new patrons and retain loyalty. At Fisch we not only understand this, but have the skill and approach to deliver ever new ideas that get results and deliver return on investment. It’s in our DNA.