It’s the way that we do it…

Interior design is sometimes perceived to be a matter of interior decoration and styling. If only it was that straightforward! At Fisch Design, we strive to create the ‘WOW’ factor every time, but commercial projects require a technical know-how and focus on ensuring delivery of the WOW, and we call it the ‘HOW’ factor. The two are inseparable and that is our expertise, applying our broad skill, knowledge and experience to create stunning interiors that really do work. We call it the Wow and the How.

Our three stage approach- Define, Detail, Deliver- captures all aspects of a project and demonstrates how focusing on each aspect outlined below, we can deliver great results and more importantly return on investment for our clients.

Stage 1 – Define

Stage 2 – Detail

Stage 3 – Deliver

The Staged Approach

Our simple streamlined three stage approach aligns to three key project checkpoints, these being;

  • Stage 1- Design Freeze
  • Stage 2- Fixed detail, costs, consents and programme
  • Stage 3- Project delivery

This approach ensures an unstinting focus on the three main parameters by which Clients generally measure projects, which are;

  • What do I get? (Content)
  • How much will it cost? (Budget)
  • When do I get it? (Programme)

We don’t like to over simplify things at Fisch, but our approach is designed to take some of the mystique out of the project process for our Clients and Partners, and create a clear plan for the key deliverables throughout the life cycle of a project.

If you would like us to apply our proven approach to your next project, then get in touch to challenge us with your next brief!