About Fisch Design.

We are commercial designers. At the sharp end. Making things happen. Large and small. New buildings and breathing new life into existing buildings. New brands. Improving existing brands. We are commercially creative. We are multi-skilled and highly motivated. We are a team (a talented team). We are your team. We rise to the challenge. We go the extra mile. We meet deadlines.

We approach our work with structure and purpose. We always deliver. Most of all we add commercial value to your business. We are FISCH DESIGN, architectural interior experts, applying our Structured Creativity across a variety of commercial sectors united by a common approach.

Your integrated partners.

We are the pivotal member of the project team. The creative spark that turns ideas into reality.  At Fisch we partner our Clients, not just work for them. No one-hit wonders, we are here for the long run.

We have nurtured many successful long term partnerships with high profile Companies. Our business is your business. But that’s not just because we are on top of our game, it’s also because we are easy to work with. No egos. We don’t have stock answers or templates. No house style, always original concepts for all the right reasons.

We work with you to understand what makes you tick and make the tough task of delivering projects that much easier by being approachable, flexible and always there when it matters. Think of us as the creative extension of your business team. Hard working; going the extra mile. A copper bottomed design service.

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Commercially successful.

What makes us a commercially viable partner is our practical know how. That’s not just technical mastery, but knowing what to do at the right time.

Ever since we started in 2003 we have been finding smarter ways of working, minimising time but maximising effort and improving communications. Never afraid to adapt and put forward bold ideas and being proactive to finding solutions for space planning, phasing works, minimising disruption and delivering projects quicker. After all, time is money.  We’re also about sourcing the best products and materials at the right price through continual research and insight.  But most of all we’re about putting people at the heart of the design, the operators and the end user experience.

Careful planning and precise drawings and documentation contribute to avoiding mistakes, repetition and weeding out the things that do not add value. Creating simple and clear pathways for projects. Our focus is enhancing your competitive advantage.

It’s the way that we do it.

There is no rule book when it comes to design. We don’t have a fixed service offering. No set menu. No convoluted stop-start process. No hidden agenda. No mystique and definitely no small print. We are open-minded, contemporary and relevant to today’s market. 

We harness good practice but challenge convention in order to focus on the core objectives of your brief. We make your projects about your business, not about process. We have wrapped our professional expertise around a streamlined approach, always focussing on three key client criteria:

01 Define: What do we get?
02 Detail: What does it cost?
03 Deliver: When can we have it?

At Fisch everything starts with more of a “What can we do for you?” rather than a pick list of services. Then we do what we need to do to get results.